Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bye, Felicia Navidad

(The baby, the boy, the bathwater)

Asleep at 4am, awake by 8am, back home to Sonoma by 9am, then a day in bed negotiating the pains of excess. I did get high, as promised, and more. I am often in danger of self-righteousness, so every now and then it is important to drink like a smart, young madman. It is the only way to maintain blogger legitimacy. Otherwise I might lose the trust of my readership. They might then question the licitness of the narrator. Or worse, the author. 

Is there anything less graceful than a drinker stumbling back into sobriety as a perennial ritual of character. There must be more interesting ways to conduct such an important transitional process. Many have tried. Perhaps there are important lessons to learn. Life should be interesting, not tedious; dynamic beyond the painful predictability. Any fool can climb, it takes a rock to drop. 

My home computer, an iMac, has become painfully slow. I'm not quite sure how Apple does it, though I am certain it is through the unnecessary lugubriousness of their operating system. They're so busy collecting information on your spending patterns they forgot to set aside resources to be a computer. I can have only a web browser open, a single browser tab, and still... there is the the circus ball of failure. The iMac is older, admittedly (3.1Ghz mid-2011 Intel core i5), but I still can't figure out why it struggles so much. It's not worth putting an SSL drive in it and it's too expensive to buy a new powerful home computer. Computers are moving the way of democracies. 

... and the high costs of Nestle water, especially near Flynt. 

Ah well, let's try to be upbeat, positive, and optimistic. I am going to take a nice long, hot shower. Fully clothed, just in case last year hasn't given up yet.