Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's March / Sonoma

I wrote a long post that I could not publish. I treated too lightly a subject which means much to many, and to me. I resist humorlessness to a point. Beyond that, it is not necessary to insist on it as a response to all things.  

I took the boy to the Women's March here in Sonoma yesterday, explaining to him why his mother and I believe in equality of opportunity. We met up with Mommy while we were there. She was very proud to have her son marching with her. We emphasized as well as we could to the mind of a five year old the importance of making sure that everybody has a fair stake and chance in this society we share, that to deprive someone based on them being a "boy or a girl" or any other inherent distinction is wrong. 

We tried to impress upon him that to remain quiet when there is injustice means that you must then share in the guilt of it. 

These ideas must confuse the mind of one who already recognizes Mommy's superiority to all other creatures far and wide.