Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Ginger Napoleon

(Savage Tenant)

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the filming of the writing of this virtual post.

I feel as if I'm going to punch CS in the eye socket as part of my unorthodox Olympic training. Those are my feelings on the subject. He is busy trying to find ways to squander our retirement funds. I don't blame him - I would do the same. I just need the PIN number and then of course the plastic access to my happiness. He wants to buy me a new camera, and I want to let him.

I have to move everything out of my kitchen and then back again today. Or, I can linger on the return job, though it brings me no happiness to do so. I had to do all of this less than a month ago. It is a long story and one I hopefully do not have to tell here. If I speak to the property manager once more it might result in an eviction or an arrest, or both. I am 100% in the right on this issue, but it is one of those situations where bile rises into the throat because I am being treated unfairly and my desirable options are limited. It is (probably) all within their legal right to force me to do this again so quickly, though I am checking just to be sure, Either way, it is an enormous pain in my ass and is the direct result of their ineptitude. 

So, I have feelings similar to what poor people must have when dealing with the police. It doesn't seem fair and I just wish to be left alone.

Where you live should be a sanctuary from unwanted intrusion, particularly the kind that involves additional labor on your part. Add to this the fact that the property manager is the Little Ginger Napoleon of the Barrio. He has perhaps jabbed the wrong person with his accusations and demands. That remains to be seen. 

Once I know the laws of California a little bit better, which I am currently checking into, then I may have more to write here concerning it. I could use some new material, and moving elsewhere might not be such a bad thing, either. Perhaps my time here has run its course.  

I just got off the phone with Comcast, also, to add to my life experiences for the day. 

We're told that suffering produces growth and I can attest to this. I just grew two fists.