Monday, August 6, 2012

Who will love Aladdin Sane?

We did it.  Mars.  I was sleeping, but awoke early and checked to make sure that we had not unraveled yet another disastrous waste of resources, a blind fiery descent onto the surface of our red sister.  It does feel good to occasionally succeed as a nation in something other than war.  To see groups of engineers come together for a common goal and have that goal succeed.  Everybody can hate us but we'll have new pictures of Mars soon.  We're like the rich kid that everybody vaguely despises, but we have all the new Star Wars toys.  What can one do really, when given the option?  

It turns out that David Bowie was a liar.  There are very few spiders on Mars, none of which have been found to have a means of inter-planetary transportation.  Elton John seems to be the better astronomer, predicting that it is not the "kind of place to raise your kids" and he was quite correct in surmising that it is "cold as hell."  A fact supported by independent observation.  It turns out that "hell" is about -55 degrees Celsius, on average.  

Okay, enough Mars for now.  I will tire of it by the end of the day, likely by the end of this sentence.  Media saturation has been one of the most phenomenal changes of perception that I've been aware of during my lifetime.  I am following several news feeds on Twitter and it always makes me smile that by the third headline I've read about any given incident I am already irritated that there is a third news agency that is still posting about it, even though there was only about three minutes between the time that I first I'd heard the news and the time that I had become bored of it.  Worse than bored, angry.  Especially spree killings.  There was one yesterday in Wisconsin, a Sikh temple, about six people dead, suspect is a skinhead.  Done.  I don't need to hear any more.  It's not that I want those people to die in vain, but really...  No wait, suspect was a military veteran.  Okay, now I'm done.  

Tentative reports indicate that he was both a veteran and someone who harbored "extreme racial views."

I had thought that military service, at some levels, almost demanded such a thing.

Isn't it all an enormous farce?  The military preys upon underprivileged recruits that often lack continued education or a sense of future opportunities, indoctrinates them into the military system, sends them off to fight questionably motivated wars against "foreigners", they return and are released into the American wild which still holds a similar - though now degraded - lack of promise for them, occasionally they unleash their anger on a religious group that "appears" to them to be the same as they were trained to fight, or apparently close enough, everybody steps back and says that it's too early to tell what the motivation might have been.  Within a day or two everybody has forgotten about it, or even much less than a day if you're on Twitter.

Well, maybe I'll move back towards Mars reporting.  This is going nowhere.  All of you have heard all of this before and must be tiring of how long it's taking me to repeat it. 

I just got a text from a friend asking about the size of a girl's boobs that we went to school with.  I really don't remember very much about the people I went to school with.  High school was a form of medieval torture which lasted for four years, leaving most of its victims alive, though admittedly misshapen.  I don't remember very much of it, and what I do remember I don't remember very fondly.  Adolescence was my Vietnam.  

He also just texted me claiming that I once wrote on my pickup truck, in shoe polish, "Your daughter is in here..."

But, out of natural scientific curiosity I went onto Facebook and checked on the boob status.  Yes, indeed she does, and she likes rock and roll, and she used to hang out under the bleachers and smoke cigarettes.  So, we know all that we need to know about her.  

The indication of the enlarged dual-mammary existence has been recorded and confirmed by independent observation, just like the recent onset of global warming on Mars.