Friday, August 24, 2012

Trick questions

A race to write. The boy is sleeping but somewhat restlessly. It won't last long. 

I have destroyed this site, cut my readership in half. The other site skyrockets, this one continues limping. I've increased my overall readership between the two but this is the site I care the most about. I suppose that there must have been a fair amount of people who came here only for the unexpected stupidity of it. They get that in a more concentrated dose at the other place, so they've abandoned this one. They don't have to wade through all of my nonsense to get to the other nonsense, the distilled stuff. So be it. The money's rolling in over there, so who cares...? Who would have ever guessed there's such good money in advertising? Pennies from heaven.

Also, some have told me that they can't find this site any more, that the other one seems to be "in the way." The only explanation is that they were using Google to search for my site each time they wanted to read it, instead of bookmarking it, or noting the address. 

I remember taking a tour of our school's library when I was a very young boy, they taught us how a library works, the Dewey Decimal System, etc.  There should be some introductory classes to the internet. How to navigate, how to get back to a place you've found that you enjoy, why some sites might have less reliable information than others, how to browse privately, why not to give your credit card info. to porn sites, how to clear your cache and cookies, etc. If only there were a place to find all of this information....

I go to meet with a woman today that will provide me with details as to how to obtain a teacher's certificate, if that is what I choose to pursue, teaching. The idea of having somebody else pay for me to get my Master's degree is an appealing one. I've tried it the other way and found the outcome to be less than satisfactory. There were several instances in the last 20 years in which I could have paid off my student loans, but I didn't, so they have grown to gargantuan compound proportions. I have made a decision to spend less time in the past here so I'll save the story for another time. I'm focused on the present and the future. I'm going to shed off the past like an aging cobra releasing a layer of skin, though I think they do that much more often, a few times a year.

I might teach history or science or literature. I hope they don't ask me if a lamb is the same animal as a sheep. Trick question, especially when I'm the only one talking.

I need a manager, or a handler, or a handle-bar manager.