Sunday, August 19, 2012

Benziger winery tour, dinner, then darkness...


I had an idea for a post today but it's escaped me somewhere in the night. I should make notes. I have an iPhone, it would be easy. 

A full Sunday ahead of me. The child and the wife are still sleeping. The guests, with their daughter, Olivia, also still sleeping.  Only me, up and staring at a blank computer screen, sifting through the details of last night and yesterday. There was a barbecue dinner, chicken and fish, corn on the cob, spiced potatoes, lots of wine, beer. I awoke this morning naked and not bleeding so I might have had sex with something, probably Rachel. That's all that I know.  Ah yes, there was also ice cream. We had locally made ice cream. Delicious stuff, truly. Living in an agricultural region definitely has its advantages. There is much to be said for the goodness of the food here.

There are empty bottles everywhere and no trails of blood on the floor. The party must have been a success. 

I should probably crawl back into bed with Rachel and see if she hates me. Then, and only then, will I know if everything went well.