Monday, August 13, 2012

Ba-ba-ba, Mama...

Rhys has been saying, "Ba-ba-ba" when he wants his milk bottle for a little while now.  Rachel realized that he was repeating this sound, then she pointed it out to me.  Sure enough, he was using sound to express desire.  One small step for boy.... 

Monday's are always the most troubled days for Rhys.  He gets very accustomed to being around his mom for two days, then she goes back to work.  It is always difficult to get him to take his morning nap after she leaves.  I just spent twenty minutes trying.  During that time he said "Muh-Muh" twice, then a very clear "Mama."  

I immediately texted Rachel.  She wants independent confirmation, but I'm calling it.  I heard it.  First word said on 8-13-12.  We have no way of knowing what he meant but we must assume it was a very poor rendering of "Daddy", etc.

I've been coaching him on Mama and Dada for some time now.  It is funny, and I suppose predictable, that his first consonant sounds would be for the bottle, and natural that his first word would be for his mommy.

Cute, adorable times.  He started crawling about two weeks ago and now he is ready to go fully mobile.  He must be watched at all times as we live in a two story townhouse, so...

When I was in Costa Rica, a young woman that I was chatting with told me to just wait until he says, "I love you, Daddy."  She emphatically relayed that there is no real preparation for that moment, no matter what you tell yourself.  It will leave you changed forever, and for the better.

I believe her.  Wouldn't you?