Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

LDAP.  That's what I read about for four hours yesterday.  Boring stuff, truly. But potentially important for me to know. I might be applying for a job soon. A similar job to the one that I had at Apple but with a slightly different set of skills. Reading about technology implementation is truly boring. Actively troubleshooting technology is only marginally more interesting, but in most cases, that's enough. 

Many online resources for information are either poorly written or incorrect. When they provide the correct information they are often very dry. If you think that you might be interested in taking a quick peak then go to this site and read a paragraph or two. You will see what I mean, and that's just an overview of the history and uses of LDAP, when you get into implementation then the honeymoon is truly over.

But life is a struggle and we must always try to learn more. Nobody wants to be old. One sure way to get there is to stop learning, to stop trying to learn. I'm halfway there, maybe more.

I meant to read "Ulysses" this summer but will wait until winter now. I feel vaguely ashamed that I have never read it. It is considered by many to be the greatest book ever written in the English language. I have read portions of it and understand it to be a book that must be studied to be enjoyed, or is best appreciated that way. I will try to get Rachel to read it with me. The "finer things book club" has been dissolved, to the best of my knowledge... so Maria, Zoie and the other assorted members of that stalwart institution will no longer be under the guiding hand of my presidential tutelage. 

I question whether I will be able to convince anybody to undertake such a reading project with me any longer, Ulysses. We have abandoned America's cultural center. Nobody reads in California. If you don't believe me then go to Amazon and try to order a used book, examine all of the states that have the book available. They are all on the east coast. The furthest west that anybody has ever read Ulysses thus far is Chicago. It is a well documented internet fact. 

As Capote said, one loses "an IQ point for every year spent on the West Coast."

No, I kid. It is all true but I don't mean any of it.