Saturday, August 18, 2012

365 degrees, burning down the house

One year ago today was my last day in NYC. I had thought that I would go back to visit at least once or twice, but my life has shifted. We will visit some of our NYC friends in Florida in October. We all have children and we are making a plan to meet up and see each other then, to go to the beaches and bring the kids to Disney.

But there is the city, Gotham. There are both little and large things that I miss: Artichoke Pizza on 14th, Tomkins Square Park, the dog park there, riding my bike to and through Central Park, my local pubs in the East Village, Thai restaurants, sushi, Ippudo, the coffee shops in Soho, the track on the East River, the park that runs up the west side of the island, Chumley's in Greenwich Village, my friends scattered throughout the city, the overwhelming history of the place, the immensity of it, all of it.

I will never miss riding the subway. I never liked it. 

There is nothing in Sonoma that even comes close to the ugliness of the NYC subway system. The mechanical screeches - the quotidian rudeness of the people - the naked, brutish, and open wound of urban life.