Tuesday, August 28, 2012

... in a word

I aced the practice exams. Now I must schedule to take the actual exam, jump through a few other administrative hoops, then I will be ready to be a substitute teacher.  Imagine that, your kid is sitting in a class somewhere, their teacher calls out sick, the school calls me, I arrive and introduce myself to the class, then teach them how to perform polynomial degree 1 equations, or how to determine the author's intention for writing the article, how to state and support a theme. Easy, right? 

No, I'll let the kids talk about themselves like all substitute teachers should. They say that nobody listens to kids. Well, maybe they should have one class each day that just has a substitute teacher in it. 

I haven't quite figured out how to improve the California school system yet. Still working on that.

At night I'll be studying to get my Master's degree, hopefully. I had a meeting with an instructor at the local university that went well, except for when she asked me what my degree is in.

I said, Motion Picture Technology. 

She stared at me. 


Ah, that's too bad.

Off to a great start already.


Rhys just woke up. That is my post for the day, then. 

Enjoy the abbreviation that my life has become.