Thursday, May 31, 2012

The wind still moves the tree

Today I am a stay-at-home dad, by default.  The nanny called out.  I will see what it's like, sort of. Grandma is here to help.  I wanted a taste of what taking care of the baby is like.  I'll get one. 

For the most part I like taking care of little Rhys.  It can be difficult, of course.  It's not pleasant to see him get upset, to want something that I can't readily provide.  To see him struggle against sleep; a thing that is hilarious in its own way, to me, in retrospect.   

Yesterday we sat out on the grass in the backyard watching the sun descend, waiting for mom to come home.  There were hummingbirds and butterflies to marvel at.  We sat in the grass together, happy, watching the day float by.  He was quite taken at the wind moving through the trees, and I with him.