Monday, May 14, 2012

... a nice, long nap

(Barkley in the distance)

Selavy made a good point to me via email.  I won't reprint it here but the essence of it was that once an issue becomes a social issue then everybody loses their sense of humor about it.  It's true, and I am perhaps the guiltiest.  I have written a few times about the issue of same-sex marriage recently, here and there, and I have made a bit of fun of conservative ideology in doing so, but I forgot to also poke fun at gay marriage.  I mean, gay jokes are funny.  They are.  It's true. Gay marriage jokes are funny.  If I could only find a way of fitting a few of them onto this post.


But it is true.  Once we lose our sense of humor about something then that thing has become sacred.  While I was busy attacking the idea of "the sanctity of marriage" I was also making the issue of same-sex marriage sacred in its own way.  Sacred cow makes the best hamburger, as they say.  So, enough of my tirades against the right.  I will return to my usual irreverent self, laughing at all things freely, but without malice.

I promise.  I solemnly and sacredly vow it, etc.  

Ok, moving on.  Yesterday we had a very nice day: breakfast, a quick visit to the garden, presents, a nap, a bike ride, sitting on the patio watching the shadows float across the lawn, drinks, dinner (scallops), then after-dinner drinks, a chat with grandma, then off to bed.  The very vision of what a Mother's Day is supposed to be, heterosexuals enjoying each other's company, etc.

I counted the empty bottles this morning and I trembled at them, frightened of what they had done to me. 

Today might just be a lost day.  I'm going to go find a spot in the shade, park my car and take a nice long nap.