Friday, May 11, 2012

The horror, the horror.....

Friday.  It often reminds me of a Kink's song.  Where have all the good times gone?  Or maybe, Friday On My Mind, by The Easybeats.  I am off from work for one more week anyway, so it doesn't matter as much to me, but it is Rachel's Friday.  So it feels like a Friday because of her.  I anticipate the two days to come.  

My weeks rarely ever begin or end on a Monday or a Friday.  I have lost all sense of what a weekend is.  Perhaps I never had a clear sense anyway.  My weekends were spent "working" in the music industry, sort of.  Weekends are when I would eat ecstasy like it was going out of style, literally.  It was going out of style, and the transition seems to be nearly complete.  Perhaps I am just old and kids are out there eating ecstasy daily and loving each other during their moments of being high, and occasionally during the moments between. 

Today I will babysit Rhys with grandma all day.  We will try to get a few errands run as well.  I will go into Marin for a last and final jousting session with the lady at the film processing place.  I will prepare to talk about resolution and compression algorithms.  I will show her the advertisement her store uses, advertising something it does not quite provide.  In truth she is actually quite nice and helpful.  I will go easy on her.  I have to tell myself that a few times to prepare.  If I don't remind myself to be nice then things can sometimes go terribly wrong.  So far I fit in perfectly in California.  I just need to keep smiling and pretending that I'm nice, centered even.  I'm going to get a bumper sticker that reflects my interest in saving the earth.

I want to make a bumper sticker that just says, "Drop the bomb. Exterminate them all."  See if anybody gets the humor, the irony of it.  It could even be framed in quotation marks.  "  "  Maybe even give it a credit, Col. Kurtz...  I want to get a bumper sticker that's about 4 feet wide and just as high.  One that covers the entire back window of my car.  On it I would have printed, in a very small font, the entire text of Ovid's "Metamorphoses."

Maybe not.  I suppose it could just as well be Virgil's "Aeneid", in Latin.  It would be ironic if the bumper sticker caused an accident in which I was killed.  It's been said many times that it is a dead language.  I had been warned.

I suppose my epic bumper sticker idea doesn't necessarily have to be a classic of the form.  It could be Tennyson, or Pound.  

Very Andy Kaufman, that.  I just want more nonsensical things in my life.  I'm looking forward to Rhys learning the language.  I've been storing up nonsense for a lifetime.  It'll be fun to finally have somebody to unravel it all on.