Sunday, December 1, 2013

I didn't give up

If you need any additional evidence as to how innocent I can be: I tried to take an iPhone photo of the sunrise yesterday morning, a "Hipstamatic" shot. The faux-polaroid digital marvel is why the clouds look lumpy and radioactive. That, and the fact that sunlight is electromagnetic radioactivity made visible.

It was something. One of the wealthiest light shows, subtle and bold, that I've seen for some time. I stood there and watched it for several minutes, watching it change before my eyes, becoming the day.

It'll likely happen again this morning. I will be there to watch it, if it does.

The picture was taken from the parking lot of the gym. The owner of the gym, Juan, mentioned that he wants to write a brief article about me, a sort of before-and-after thing to help him promote his gym, with pictures. I was, of course, very flattered. I have lost some weight, but now… I am challenged to lose even more, to highlight the differences between "then" and now.

I didn't give up, the innocence. I kept taking pictures throughout the morning. 

Here's another, my favorite: