Thursday, December 5, 2013

Think it doesn't happen here?

Well, my experiment in shock-blogging didn't go very well. I was denounced. The worst type of denunciation as well, I was (almost) universally ignored.

I thought I was being moderate. You should have seen the part that I cut. 

It was hideous.

I also removed an entire scene, an interview with the cop:

"What color was it?"

"I'm not sure. I only saw it for a few seconds."

"Was it erect?"

"I think so."

"Are you sure that he knew you were in the room?"

"Oh yes."

"How is that?"

"Well, he was looking at me as if he was doing nothing wrong, as if it was the most natural thing in the world."

"Was he doing anything additionally unnatural?"

"Well, not, not exactly, but it was difficult to focus with him that way. The whole thing was much more furious than I would have thought. His body was stiff from head to toe, like he was having a seizure. The other hand was gripping the bed. He seemed desperate."

"I understand. Did you run?"

"Oh no, we're trained to always walk with hot coffee, safety first and all, and also to complete each transaction. I set his coffee and his banana walnut bread down on the table next to him and told him to enjoy his day. He didn't even slow down..."

Oh well… I only got one email denouncing me, even that was a little disappointing. They found a line in the post to point out my own joke to me: "… like a dumb animal..." They agreed. They're very sub-textual, etc.

Moving on. 

My new life starts today. That's what my horoscope suggests, anyway. The last new moon was in Scorpio. That's me!

Lucky, I guess.

What are we to think of such things?

The poster above can be found on the wall at Starbucks. Frightening stuff. There is nothing more terrifying than a white-girl abduction. You can not convince me that they plan on taking her kidneys. We know what goes on.

Sex slaves are recruited every day in your backyard, boasts the poster. It's not true though. After seeing this I sat out in the backyard for a week and didn't see one sex slave being brought into the fold. It also claims that social media is the point of entry, and how children get recruited. I'm not sure how that happens in my backyard, but these criminals are elusive and organized. They're probably using wi-fi.

The poster claims that the "average age of entry" into forced prostitution is 12-14. I hadn't realized a range could be an average also. I thought that an average was derived from a range. When they have such brilliant local mathematicians dedicated to the cause I'm sure they'll have this whole sex thing whipped in no time. One must wonder about all of the 8 year olds it takes to filter out the 18 year olds, or is it factor in?

If only there were a number somewhere between 12 and 14....

That's math for ya'! The details will be discussed at the soiree. 

There is a Panel Forum (with Q & A) on the "life after the 'life'…" for both victims and abusers. One can only assume there will be some confessions being extracted from the abusers. I hope they have the victims behind a screen, or something. Decorum, and all.

There will be instructions provided on how to protect your grandchildren. Vital information we should all be aware of. Nobody is more capable of protecting children, and with more time to do so, than grandparents. 

There might be a typo or two in the poster, a little white lie. The ends justify, etc.

The image shows a young girl with her feet tied together. I'm certain that can't be accurate. She's probably just a model, not a whore. Though rumor has it that a healthy blonde girl can be traded for an entire case of cigarettes, or even a good camel, in some places.

Oh well, this is not science, this is local sex slavery. Science has no place in the Red and the Black. Why would it. The stated claim that it is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world only confirms that the people dedicated to fighting this terrible blight don't yet have internet access.

Why would they, when its filthy center of operations is apparently in my backyard.