Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The War on Commission

(The War on Reindeer)

So, I sent the seller of the camera a response last night, explaining that there was a loose piece when I got the camera and that I took a picture of it but there was no way to upload the image as part of the response that I was making.

He wrote back while I was sleeping, explaining that this is a film camera and there is no way to upload anything from it.

Is there no end to the imbecilic confusion.

I wrote back that I understand this to be a film camera, and that is why I bought it, but that still doesn't explain why I can't use it with either iTunes or Instagram. I also complained that it was heavy and bulky compared to all of the other nice cameras they have at the T-Mobile store, that it doesn't even fit in my back pants pocket and gets a terrible cell signal, I could barely hear my girlfriend when I called.

No, I didn't. I should have, but I just want the camera to be fixed. 

A friend informed me that it is very likely the focusing screen. As long as the latch that holds it in place is not damaged then I should be able to fix it myself. I really shouldn't have to and I am tempted to have an expensive repair shop do it just to teach this nincompoop a lesson. Though that would also mean more time out of my precious, evaporating life.

Time that I could be describing my online misadventures here, to you, as part of my ongoing War on Omission. 

(The War on Used Camera Shops)