Sunday, December 22, 2013

The hairy bikini bandits

(© all wrongs reserved)

A friend offered to write about my life right now, since I can't. I think I'm going to let him. That should be fun. Who does not take interest in their own life? Even suicides will often leave a note of explanation. 

When one does not know what else to do with something: fictionalize it. That will be fun. Or better, at least, for a little while.

The picture above is the proposed cover.

We have not yet settled on a title.

I tried discussing suicide with a friend recently. Bad idea. I spent the largest portion of the conversation explaining that they had "nothing to worry about," that I am going through a difficult time, and discussing suicide, as a phenomenon, shouldn't in any way….

Ok, I see now. It's probably a bad idea, discussing it.

All of my friends, except one, are reluctant to call for help when it pertains to me. That one friend is not only willing but seemingly eager to do so. I only hope that I finally get the help that I need. 

Perhaps "reluctant" is not the right word. Perhaps a "need for help" is not the right phrase. Perhaps.

Jesus. I should stop writing so cryptically. It is only a few days before Christmas. I am going to scare away the holiday revelers that come here to shop. 

I need to go get a coffee, and then go to the gym.

I will leave this much unpublished and come back to it later, see how I feel.

One last thought: I just want a nice blonde that I can administer spankings to, right now. Like the girl in the picture above, but blonde, or brunette, and giggling about it. 

Coquettish, kittenish, demure, etc.

Is it wrong to say "girl" in this context? Or "blonde"?

Seems strange to spank a grown woman… particularly a brunette. 

They have rights, you know, and they barely even did anything wrong.

Why does it seem that there should be a legal difference between blondes and brunettes? Blondes should enjoy a slight advantage. Why can't we institute that into law? 

The people who are against this would be the strongest argument for it.

Four words: First Amendment, Duck Dynasty...

Okay, I am back from my caffeine adventure. I should delete the suicide and spanking parts, and the parts about obvious inequality and legal advantage for blondes.

Just to let you know, it did occur to me.