Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Hello, I'd like to dispute a charge on my card."

Fuck. I've been up for an hour, can't go back to sleep, will be up for the next 48 hours. A friend is in town, dj'ing. This will mean ongoing tests of willpower for me. I will be greatly tempted to go home and go to sleep. I start my first day in my new position tomorrow, so the timing works out perfectly, as it usually does. Oh, did I forget to mention that I'm also going to a rock concert tonight before the all-night dance party…. Jeff Tweedy, from Wilco.

All-night dance party, that's exactly how it was advertised, also. We are big party makers.

I should just pack my bags and go, face my destiny. Drink coffee like there is a tomorrow.

I am going south on Friday to strange places down the peninsula, on the coast. Pacifica. It is a company event, a gathering of the tech-nerds.... There will be surfing lessons on Saturday morning, an insult to a Floridian, of course. I have packed up my Nikon D7000 and a 28-200mm zoom lens, in preparation to capture the sports of it. 

Jesus, I may as well bring a metal detector. 

I have no money, but I have been looking online at things: This and this and this...

It is all foolish and I should not be wasting my time and imaginary money. But alas, what is life for if not some dreaming, some thing to coerce the time with.

I will need my hobbies soon, to keep me out of trouble. Trouble is expensive. The entrance fee is nominal but then they won't let you exit through the entrance. The exit is in the rear, just through those two doors and down that long, dark hallway.

There's no point in disputing it on your bill. The charges were quite itemized. 

For those who come here for updates on Rhys: he is still a genuine marvel. He has started to say "dang it!" when he drops something. I spent the day with him yesterday and then put him sleepy to bed. We had a great ol' time. We drove to the market in the car and had a little mini-conversation. He's is gaining on language just as he is on jumping and running and getting into all manner of trouble. 

We are slowly weening him from his binky (the "bebe"). We convince him that he's better off without it because we can better understand what he's saying, and we can. So, he likes talking to us... and the binky will soon be going the way of the crib. 

It is so easy to feel a premature sense of longing for what will soon pass.