Monday, December 16, 2013

Bokeh pleases Him

I need this lens. It would increase my artistry.

Everything that I look at now becomes about having a full-frame camera. A crop-frame only has two (mainly one) advantages. You have to want this one quality unwaveringly for it to even be considered an advantage: your lenses always appear to be zoomed in closer to your subject by about 1.5X. They're not actually zoomed in, but they always appear to be. It is only a decreasing of the angle of view, sort of. That you are using more pixels for a smaller area confers other possible advantages, arguably, as the pixels used are also smaller.

The secondary advantage is related to the first: crop-frames can be useful for photographing children from a distance, much like sports photography. I suppose you could also claim that crop-frame cameras are smaller and lighter.

Convenience, we're told. But we are hard working stewards of Christ. Convenience is akin to sin.

These crop-frame cameras are the impoverished version of owning a nice telephoto lens, with no way of zooming back out except by walking backwards, away from your subject.

Not the strongest selling point for me, particularly if I want a wider frame and to take advantage of my lenses as they were designed to function (even with potential issues like vignetting and chromatic aberration).

All of the lenses that I own, except one (which is a very nice lens for what it is), were bought with a full-frame camera in mind, a Nikon.

The image created from the lens shown above would benefit from a full-frame camera (which it was probably taken with) and be reduced by a crop-frame, as the distance from the subject and the blurred edges of the photo (bokeh) add greatly to the quality of the image.

The advantages of a full-frame camera are many. The easy list is this: the intended depth of field for each lens is as it should be, it is the 35mm angle-of-view digital equivalent, larger pixel size spread out over a larger image sensor.

Downside: $2800, approx.

I doubt that anybody that comes to this site to read regularly has even the slightest interest in today's post. Let me see if I can appeal to their Christian sensibilities.

I am not asking for donations. I am demanding them. This site has just become a paid subscription site and I will be expecting back payments. If everybody that had come here had paid only $ 0.01 per page read then that camera could already be mine and I could be using it to glorify God.

Let the guilt of this knowledge settle in right now. Feel it moving through you like the long-tongued serpent of Satan.  Then, get down on your knees while touching your computer screen and write a check out (c/o The Sean Q7" Church of Infinite Soul, Inc.).

Don't think too much about it! Pondering is the devil's position, the Prince of Dark's profession. Don't let Satan creep back into your heart second-by-second.

Instead, why don't you feel the goodness of God's warmth move through you and know deep in your bosom and belly that God's gifts back to you will be increased ten fold in the blessings, monetary and otherwise, that will come into your life. What better insurance could you possibly have against cancer striking someone in your family? With God on your side you can sleep safely, knowing that the evil one can not touch you or your little loved ones with his wicked fingers.

Now, are you going to let your own love of money keep you from entering the Kingdom of Heaven? That money's not going to do you any good burning in the eternal lake of fire. You're telling me that you'll stand in front of God on judgement day and have him ask you why you didn't give when you had the chance, when he spoke his message directly to your heart…?

A friend suggested preaching. I'm just practicing to see how it feels. It's spooky how easy it is. I'm a natural-

Trust in the Lord, LLC, etc.