Friday, January 25, 2013

Exercises in Love

List three things that you like about your partner. List three things about your relationship that you would like to see improve. Take a walk together. "Wear their shoes." Learn from your past mistakes. Spend more time outside. Remind yourself that there will be a long adjustment period to having a child, to moving, to life in its middle years. Stop expecting them to change. Role-play. Plan surprises (maybe not during role-play). Try something new (Situational, perhaps during role-play). Take time to talk. Touch each other (Now just might be the time...). Tell your partner what you want, make it tangible and achievable. Practice believing that things can change. Laugh. Talk to a counselor. Don't count on therapy solving your problems, don't expect it. Only the person with the talking-stick gets to speak. You can't keep the talking stick forever. You can't expect the person with the talking stick to say only what you want to hear. Laugh.