Monday, January 14, 2013

Chicks and Guns

(Terry Richardson)

I should go to the gym. It is 8 minutes until 6, when the gym opens. I start work at 7. Maybe I'll go after work. I went yesterday and started to workout. A guy came by and said, "We close at 3 on Sunday." It was 2:45.  At least I did 15 minutes of cardio. It is something. I went to buy a new pair of jeans and nothing fit right. I am currently between sizes. Between fat-ass and super fat-ass, that is. 

Last night Rachel and I got in a disagreement about guns. This is not surprising at all considering my weight and the amount of gun talk that I've been having with people lately. I kept looking at articles and pieces from both sides of the argument and was amazed at how their "stats" never lined up, yet there was relative consistency coming from each side. They all seemed to have agreed on what lie they were going to propose and defend. Looked at in a certain way they may both even be citing the same stats, just reading them very differently. I haven't been able to find where they're all getting their information and I have somewhat bored of reading about the subject.

There has been talk of a presidential executive order being invoked to help quell all of this crazed gun purchasing. That has usually worked out for the people, when the king decides to protect by taking away everybody' guns. I'm not even sure that I would want to own a gun. But I'm absolutely certain I don't want the government, or the president in particular, deciding it for the people without some political consensus. As well-meaning as that approach might be it is not the right one. I'd say that he's trampled the Constitution enough already. Governments are most dangerous when they are helping you, and what could possibly be more helpful than ours protecting us all....

Oh well, on to other subjects, for now. If America really does explode into Greek-like economic violence then those 300 million guns distributed throughout the nation will turn out to be very useful, for a few.

I just noticed that my old buddy Selavy has shut down his site. I wonder what he's up to now. He's quite crafty, I'm sure he'll figure something out. 

I have run out of images to use for this site. I don't take enough pictures in my daily life, so I don't have a reservoir to choose from. I'm sure that many readers have tired of images of Rhys, especially when they have no bearing on the piece whatsoever. I really shouldn't use pieces freely sourced from the internet. Not wanting to be juggling multiple lawsuits has made it difficult for me. I suspect that I'll be getting served here in the next few days, at least a cease-and-desist, just for good measure.  

Ah, the life of a poor online artist... what am I to think, what am I to do... being neither a Hopper and even less a Balthus....

(Terry Richardson)