Saturday, June 9, 2012

positional considerations

Something has occurred to me.  If you want to have things to write about, at least for a certain type of writing, then you must have experiences.  Events give rise to stories.  Seems simple enough, right?  I've known this all along, of course, but it has really jumped out at me in the last two days and throttled me.  

I went into SF to see a friend, then quite unexpectedly found that another friend was in town the following day.  So I stayed longer than I had thought that I would, running into many other friends along the way.  I went to very nice lunches and dinners, taxi rides, bus rides, bars, nightclubs, hotels, friends' houses, etc.

I have no specific story to tell this morning, soon though.  The last two days has made me realize that if I want to take pictures and if I want to write stories then I must seek experiences.  I must have experiences, then I must relay them.  That's where many stories occur, in incident. 

The day-care daddy thing has its limitations.  I love it but much of what I'm involved in there cannot be relayed easily.  The audience for such a thing might be limited to myself and Rachel, perhaps a few more.  Certainly my readers will tire of hearing me relay minute advancements in Rhys' development, or even major ones.  

I occasionally have the impulse to delete "friends" from Facebook when they have a child because they become so tedious.  But that's just me.  I'm not a very good Facebook friend to most.  I'm an asshole, I guess.  It discourages people from trying to interact with me on any level other than the superficial, where I excel.

If it didn't sound like such a creepy thing to do I would start going to bars and photographing women playing pool.  I get an erotic charge from watching women concentrating in this way.  It invites positional considerations.  It is perhaps a good launching point to begin a certain type of story.