Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Yesterday we went to Calistoga.  Rachel had some sort of reconnaissance work: information gathering, experience inspection, etc.  We visited a few wineries.  Now we know of yet another place in the region to go when we are feeling the need to go somewhere, to drive.  

There are, of course, wineries up there.  One, the Clos Pegase, had an extensive art collection.   We will go back and take the tour. There was a Henry Moore sculpture, a Richard Serra, an Odilon Redon painting, a Jean Dubuffet, among many others.  

We sipped wines and gave our humble assessments, "A fiery fruit-forward combination of precocious ferociousness..."

"The earth's seed burst forth into my mouth like the nectar of Olympus."

"Why do wine pourers in tasting rooms always have a limp?"