Monday, June 18, 2012

"I came across a child of god..."

(flora from the garden)

A quick post today, rushed while Rachel prepares to leave and I take over responsibility for Rhys for the whole day.  11 hours of bonding time, the whole day.  It's too bad that he and I don't share similar interests yet.  We could go on a photography hike.  It has been very hot here lately, probably too hot for the little guy.  What am I talking about?  Too hot for me, easily.

Nope, I just checked, it should be nice today.  72 degrees.  Perfect.

I have learned a few new songs on the piano since the other day,"Let It Be" and another.  I will marvel the boy with that at least once or twice today.  I need to learn some more children's songs, then some christian songs, just like "Let It Be."  Then I just need a place to start a church, a donated building would be a fine place for such a thing, with Branch Davidian-style architecture, gun towers,etc.  It's only a matter of time before I'm a republican blathering on about christ's love and eternal salvation, damnation, and gun rights.    

Why ward off evil spirits when you can shoot to kill....

We'll see.  Hold on, let me try to drink my entire morning tea in one sip.  Nope, not even close, still too hot.

Maybe I will take the boy on a hike today. We do have all day together.  I have been getting more bold on my outings with him, as my confidence builds.  It is difficult to prepare for everything.  The boy often finds awkward times to poop his pants.  I am still developing my diaper-changing skills.  Patience and speed are needed in equal parts, working in tandem, mixed in with the occasional expediency.  It is only a matter of time before I am changing his diaper at restaurants, not even in the bathroom, just anywhere I can find on the floor near the dining room, etc.