Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bad taste is timeless

(Isamu Noguchi with undine Nadja, 1925)

“But the addict is ultimately a bore; too immersed in himself, too tiring to be with, too reliant on the delusions and compliance of others around them. Most great art comes from a singular and obsessive attention to things, it is borne of an urgent desire. Yet great art also opens out from that point." -Unknown

I don't know who said this.  It was sent to me through email many years ago, in quotation marks.  I searched the internet but couldn't find the phrase in whole, or in part, anywhere.  Nothing matched my search criteria. I suspect that the person who sent it to me might have also been the author of the statement.  Perhaps they were trying to tell me something and did not want to be the one saying it, having to defend it, though I can't be sure.  It would be somewhat atypical of them to do so, I believe.  Though I still have much to learn about life.

Proust believed that the artistic impulse and sexual jealousy were nearly indistinguishable at the moment of onset.  He noted that the difference that almost immediately presents itself as being how the artistic impulse opens up from that moment and expands, somewhat metaphorically, whereas sexual jealousy spirals in upon itself and becomes self-convincing and repetitive, boring or worse to all around except the one experiencing it, much like addiction.

I have not had anything to write about for days.  I have been in a vulgar mood but have tried to keep the vulgarity away from this site.  I toyed with vulgarity a few posts back and decided I didn't like it nearly as much as I hoped I would.  No big surprise there, I guess.  I knew in advance the outcome.  I was only trying to make a point and vulgarity failed the task, it almost always does.  I suppose that vulgarity's primary use might be to identify philistines. Is there even such a thing any more?  Or, has the group gotten so large as to be unidentifiable by a single term, like christians that denounce one another as not truly qualifying.  

The indifferent to culture, and the hostile, have won.  The internet proves it.

Bad taste is timeless, as they say.  It is the alpha and the omega.

I have been struggling with the inertia of life.  Things just continue the way that they are, mostly, little can be done about it.  I've tired myself out trying.  People don't change, they adjust.  

Just ask Henry Higgins.