Monday, July 14, 2014

The dangers of bitterness

I have allowed myself to get too worked up about the past, lately. I have been letting it simmer, dangerously. As it approached a rolling boil... one small act of kindness, just a few encouraging words, seemed to wipe it all away.

So shines a good deed... as Shakespeare's Wonka would say.

Resentments are too dangerous to toy with. They are like jealousy in their scope. They run wide and deep, and move too fast. Then they grow roots where they can, in the darkness, corrupting and cracking the foundation over time.

Just as I was letting a few things start to eat at me, a few simple words of benevolence made them all seem to vanish. It felt as if I was taking a shower made of sunshine.

The future is looking up, the past is the past.

Moving forward has never seemed so easy. 

I feel as light as hydrogen, but not in the Hindenburg way.