Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Collection: Records

I will sort through my records today, to determine which ones will stay with me. I've decided on keeping approximately 2000 of them, another 4000 or so will be given away. Perhaps I have my numbers wrong. I have enough to fill four of the shelves pictured above. I'll be keeping enough to fill one of them.

I thought of recording them, but didn't think enough of it, or often enough.

Some people buy houses so they are able to keep their lives, for others it has the opposite effect.

C'est La Vie.

There are a lot of other things I should get rid of as well, like all of my cds now that I've converted them to mp3. Though, I sadly converted them at 192 kbps when the technology was relatively new. A tactical error, one that I will likely never correct.

Oh well, almost everything is available online now. Paid subscriptions are the future of all things.

I have a fair amount of studio gear that might go also. That stuff could get saved, delivered to a place where it could be set up to be used. We'll see.

They are all relics from another time, somehow still occupying space. My life is quaint but stuffed with objects.

One less. I've lost my phone again. That's three times in three days. Suddenly things have changed on me. The world has shifted and I have less to attach myself to this new world.

Moving my stuff out is another ending, of sorts.  I would be lying to say that it doesn't sadden me. We've given ourselves no way back, and neither is resisting it much, or enough.

C'est La Vie.

I don't even look forward to going through all the records today. It's an enormous task. One that I might have enjoyed a few years ago. I suppose that is the way of things. I don't need them. They serve no functional use and as a collective memento they are burdensome, unwieldy. 

It represents a lifetime of something, then that thing simply becoming something else. It is the way of things.

There are albums that will be very difficult to let go of, Talking Heads. I have them all on cd, of course. But these are the copies I bought when they came out, so many years ago. The Clash. What use is the vinyl to me now? I'm not a purist. Or, I'm not as much of a purist to get a storage unit to lock all of this stuff up again for another ten years. I also have two Technics turntables, which seems like such a silly pair of things to own.

I am becoming increasingly minimal.

What comes after minimalism... what tether holds.