Friday, July 18, 2014

... love to always consider

(A mountain or two, maybe, and a lake, some trees)

I finally got some much needed sleep, hours of it. Who knows how many. There was nobody there in the room to count, I hope.

My buddy and I went bike riding yesterday to see what there is to see around Longmont, CO. Pretty standard stuff in a little town not far from Boulder. Great view of the Rockies on one side, great plains just starting on the other.

Today, we go hiking up into the mountains a little bit. I'm a genuine nature boy.

Yesterday, I fucked up the joke about the arrivals and departures. When I looked at it I thought, Wait, that IS how it's supposed to be. The joke was lost. It was the other way, I swear. 

Ah well... the legalized marijuana is already softening my brain.

I don't really smoke pot, or not that much, anyway. I'm not what anybody would consider a pot smoker. I'm not an abstainer, it's just not part of my regular life. Every now and then I'll smoke it when a friend offers it, or if I have the whole day to myself to do with as I wish, without having to interact with anybody else. That happens less and less.

It does not calm my mind the way it does for some. It has never put me to sleep. It has the opposite effect. If I smoke too much I am reduced to a babbling spastic, though many must not even notice a difference. It is my natural-boy nature.

I will take my camera hiking today, so that maybe I will have an original picture for tomorrow's post. A landscape shot that is not nearly as good as any one I could easily find online. 

I chat with Cato often about his love of landscapes and my indifference to them. It is something that I do not feel as much, or understand. There is nothing weird about them to draw my attention. But neither is there in my many pictures of my boy, at least for me. 

So, it remains a mystery. Why does anyone like the things they like? Most of my pleasures are there simply because I burned myself out on the thing that came before it, giving myself no path back to orthodox pleasure. It's a scorched earth policy.

"Spiritual discovery" for an atheist consists mainly in rediscovering simple joys in life, not depending on others for them.

The second part is the trick. Discovering a new tea that you enjoy only goes so far. There is love to always consider.