Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Teen Secrets

There are some inherent challenges to raising a child while also having a roommate.

When trying to use the bathroom, #2, there is a balance one must strike between privacy (in the event the roommate comes home) and monitoring the child's destruction quotas. 

Taking a crap is a thrill that is similar to shoplifting. It is heinous, rushed, shameful, cautious, forced to be out in the open, and always done with a strong sense of getting caught with your pants down.

If I had more sense when I was fourteen years old I might have combined the two joys, shop-pooping: making off with a volume of Robert Frost while dropping a Bob Chocolate in the back aisle of Barnes and Noble.

They frown on that, don't they?

Some will always find a new way of frowning on things.

The formative years are very different for boys and girls, I guess. 

Few girls, I do not think, ever thought things like this: I wonder if I can get that guy to eat my pussy in this bathroom stall, or maybe show me his balls and asshole.

I don't think any of the girls I knew when I was young ever thought anything at all like that.

If they did then they kept it a very well-guarded secret.