Saturday, August 5, 2017

... with whom a person has ...

I had a date last night, it was lovely. Indian food - lamb and goat cheese appetizer, lamb korma, a creamy curry chicken, garlic naan, Kingfisher beer, glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon after that. Rosé out on the back patio with friends after dinner, the friends who had watched the boy for us and made the date possible. 

They had just come back from Vegas for their ten year anniversary. They renewed their vows with Elvis and danced underneath the sign that says, "Welcome To Fabulous...." 

It's almost odd - Rachel and I being alone together again after all of this, when she's not occupied being mom, and me not necessarily being just a dad. We had almost forgotten what that was like, I think. I had. We went dressed a little well, held hands when crossing the street, kissed while we were laughing. 

Who would have ever guessed? 

I have a girlfriend