Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The darker thoughts during sleep were likely more related to my diet, temporary lack of exercise, and drinking wine for five days rather than it had to do with any solar event. I discovered that last night when I came home and had a similar night of troubled sleep. Though, troubled sleep in your own bed is more welcome than is troubled sleep elsewhere. Or rather, if I'm going to be restless I prefer to do it at home.

The dreams of others are not very interesting, particularly when they are not being relayed in a narrative, and that only helps them along the tiniest of bits by giving the listener the sense that there may come an ending to the misery of listening to it soon. So, I'll stop. There is no narrative string holding my troubled thoughts aloft in the dark.

Home is where I like to be, until it's time to leave again. 

I took an extra day off from work to recover from this trip. I'm very glad I did, now. Soon I'll go swimming with Rachel, some sunbathing, a mid afternoon lunch, maybe a bike ride. Just normal stuff, uncluttered by vacation or eclipses or driving or anything at all out of the ordinary. 

I took the boy to school today and dropped him off, where he stood hesitantly in the doorway of the classroom. He will likely have what will be new experiences all day long. Then, after a full day of that there will music lessons afterwards. He might start with the ukulele. 

Though in my dreams tonight maybe I'll be playing the banjo right along with him, under the just new moon lit barely on the front. The unlit half that seemed to block the sun, the daily mystery and forced orbital coincidence, still just doing the same thing it always does: not bothering to get between the sun and I.