Sunday, August 27, 2017

My favorite athletes

(Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken)

What the fuck did people think was going to happen? Everybody seems upset that boxing is a different sport than MMA. It's corrupt as fuck, painfully slow to watch now (in comparison to UFC fights), and the officiating so heavily favors the established fighter as to nearly require a knockout for anybody to ever be convinced of a win. Even if there is a knockout, it's not good enough for some. It should be to the death, every single fight. There should one undefeated champion and each new challenger should likewise be undefeated with a string of dead bodies piled up behind them to earn their shot at the title. What sort of pussies would allow an athlete to walk away from a challenge. 

American ones, that's who. 

White people are crazy. I can see that now. I'm not sure how I ever missed it before. It's obvious, just watch any sport with them. They consume sports as if it's cocaine for the eyeballs. There was a point in watching the fight last night that I'm certain that I could smell blood in the room. I might have pooped myself, so there could still be a rational explanation for it. Either way, it's unsettling.

I'm no Mayweather fan at all, I hate his fighting style and he seems to be a despicable enough human, but fuck... McGregor fans need to simultaneously believe in his ability to kill and the largesse and magnanimity of his character by not doing so. It's bizarre. They want nothing more than to see "Mayweather in the octagon." It's all they can talk about, it seems. When did the pleasure of sports become purely punitive? 

Ah well, these are not questions for us to ask or answer this morning. There is a bike ride up into the hills awaiting me, then the gym. I want to train to kill.... once I've smelled blood I can not be happy until a life has left the earth. Maybe when I get back from the gym I'll watch a little classic boxing, like The Deer Hunter. I don't see any reason that sports can't be a protected category. The second amendment should be adequate.