Saturday, August 19, 2017

How I distanced myself from virginity

We arrived at the house in Oregon. The picture above was the first that I took when we arrived. Those are horses on the beach. Well, horses and people. We will likely go riding today or tomorrow. I don't believe that I have ever prepared so much for such a short event, except maybe if you consider the handful of years I spent planning to rid myself of virginity. Three or four years translated into ~90 seconds of pure ecstasy. 

It was the longest I've ever lasted, a lifetime personal record. I don't understand why people spend so much time having sex. If you close your eyes and really concentrate you can finish in under one minute, if you're like me and have a visual memory.

That's just science. 

Ok, my buddy from up in Bellingham, WA just let me know that he has cancelled his plans to drive down to Eugene, OR to see the solar-lunar-earth event. He has encouraged me to write about Bhagwan Baba Sri Rajneesh this morning, but I have yet to do my abbreviated version of research.

I vaguely remember hearing the name, possibly from my buddy's mentioning of it. Rajneesh used to promote sex and drugs and every now and then also some religious thought. He amassed millions of dollars of course and drove around in Rolls Royces, was involved in all manner of things that the unenlightened seek to resist.

But not me, I'm always on the side of the guru with all the ladies. How else is one expected achieve a form of enlightenment that exceeds the 60 second mark, if not through unorthodox medication and excellence in tax evasion?