Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Oh yeah: laughter

I awoke tired, a thing that has not improved yet. I leave for the airport soon. Once in LA there will be a series of things to do before we get back on the road to return to Sonoma. 

Another five days away from work. When I start to go too long from work I begin to acclimate enjoyably to not working. It's nice, though it can be a little unnerving. I like to be useful and productive. I'm not feeling very much of either of those lately. Having someone's father die who is close to you can cause all those feelings. There is so very little that can be done about it. Nearly everybody is ultimately useless in the face of death. You can't do anything, you can hardly say anything. Being near them is about the best that anyone can do, and that's not very much at all. 

Human warmth, I suppose, that's it. What else is there?

Oh yeah: laughter.