Monday, July 17, 2017

You have found your Gen-X'er

Well, my vacation is over. 

I just received some news that, while I knew it was coming, was not exactly welcomed. I had hoped to be considered for a new position - a substantial personal opportunity, a promotion - though that doesn't look like it's going to happen now. I am of course disappointed. Their reasons had little to do with me as I am, but rather that I had not developed the requisite skill set needed for the position alongside of my current qualities. Marketing is my "area of improvement," which is coincidental, if not also ironic. I used to be a product that was marketed. 

Rhys' mother, Rachel, has worked in marketing for many years and is now the marketing director for a health provider. Perhaps I should have been listening to her all along. What did she say?  

Funny. Just the other day I was, again, writing about how most things come to me more easily than those same things might for others, which has allowed me to try less and still succeed. That approach has its limitations. When surrounded by highly proficient people the cracks in such an approach show, and even advertise themselves. I have pursued my interests, mostly, and only pursued things outside my interests as needed, after a personal cost-benefit analysis. 

So, if anybody is looking for someone with a strong background in leisure intellectualism, rock and dance music, non-specific forms of portrait photography, or a smattering of literary interests then look no further.... You may have just found your very own Gen-X'er. 

Go ahead, you can pet him. His name is Sean. He's a rescue. We found him mercilessly abusing himself to pornography. 

It is a good and lucky thing that I like my current job quite a bit. It will not be a chore at all to return to it today, or tomorrow. Nothing was needed to save me from a life of misery.

It's disappointing, though. At some level we wish to contribute, then at another level we wish to contribute more. 

I was on the precipice of that other level, like in the picture above. 

When Diogenes was on the slave trading block, being sold in Crete, he was asked to announce his trade: 

I can govern men, therefore sell me to somebody who needs a master.