Monday, July 3, 2017

Baby Gorillas

Okay, what should have been a fairly easy day turned into hours of head scratching and screaming at a computer screen that sat proxy for Gmail. It's probably not worth rehashing all of that here, and now. 

I'm certain that it isn't. 

I can't imagine that most people are getting very much work done today. That must be true at Google as well as many other offices in America. 

Fuck the internet. It brought us the horrors of Trump and endless free pornography. I'm sure that it must have also had a few successes in there, but it has not met very well with democracy. People confuse being manipulated with being empowered, exploited with being informed. To play on expectations seems the most advantageous game going. Any skeptic can take on the entirety of human accomplishment in the sciences and win, it's easy, all you need is doubt. Turns out the Beatles were full of shit.