Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Graduation Day

(Cramming for finals)

Rhys graduates from pre-school today. Yes, there is a little ceremony. Mom and I will both be there. Anything less than being there is a type of child abuse, we're oft reminded. In truth, I am happy that they are making a little production out of his leaving the place, Sunshine. It is, quite literally, the pre-school they used as a model for the one in Toy Story 3, called Sunnyside.  The resemblances are visibly noticeable. John Lasseter lives here in  Sonoma, etc. 

The boy had attended a pre-K class for a couple months over the summer, that's why I wrote about his "First Day in Kindergarten" which doesn't actually start until next week, Monday. His buddies will be there with him, all also graduating. It's a little bit touching, I'll admit. There is the sense of departing a place that can no longer be returned to. Some saudade in the making. 

Okay, I must run. There are meetings and showers and coffee and breakfast that must be wrangled from the morning before all of that.