Monday, July 24, 2017

"Tokyo Glasses"

No idea where he came up with the phrase for the round accoutrement from Burning Man, Tokyo Glasses. That is what he calls them so that is what they will be. We listened to Ryuichi Sakamoto's Left-Handed Dream at the pool on Sunday because he asked me to play some "Tokyo music" and that was one that I happened to have on my phone. It was between that and Happy End. I figured mom might enjoy Sakamoto more, being closer to Bowie - an assumption and preference on my part. 

The boy wore an old pair of Ray Ban aviators to school today, also from the bag of left-over Burning Man gear. The kid sure loves to wear costumes. It's fun to have a son. He does naturally what I must remind myself from time to time to do. 

We discussed writing our own song on the piano and guitar this morning. After learning the two main notes (A and D) from "All I Want Is You" by U2 he has decided that we should now rely more on original material. He wants to write a song together, so we will. 

I've tried to show him the evils that water can have with visual distortion but phrases like "dynamic refraction" aren't quite landing yet. He gets to live in a world of perception and has little use for knowledge of that kind. That's just more dad nonsense. 

Bring on the underwater sunglasses! - says he.