Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The absence of subjection

(Last year, July 4th)

I have to rush. There is a parade, of course. The boy has joined the Cub Scouts. He will be marching with his pack and for his country. His mother and I felt strongly about acclimatizing him to paramilitary organizations as soon as possible. We're hoping he can responsibly handle an assault rifle by the end of the year. We don't want him to be a fucking pussy.

Kids are a strong argument against guns. Not just in that every now and then they kill themselves or somebody else through accident, but just watch a five year old boy with a toy gun, then fast forward to Aurora. It doesn't take a fucking genius to see the problem, but it does take 300 million people to ignore it.

Ah well, no talk of guns today. It is not the day for it. Today, we should remind one another of an historical observation: that guns were used as part of well regulated militias to give America its independence from the country that tried to tell us The Rolling Stones were somehow better than our own Sonny and Cher.