Saturday, July 22, 2017

What a Weekend Does

(submergible selfie)

A new weekend yawns before us. There is a Cub Scouts hike for the boy, then a birthday party, also for the boy (to attend). Then, maybe there will be time for dad to do something. Who knows. Dad stuff: staining a table that I've meant to get to for months, re-organizing my socket set, wandering around muttering in the garage. 

I don't have a garage, so maybe the neighbor's. I'm at the age where my behavior is beginning to resemble Robert Downey's during the troubled years. It's a combination of age and then more age.

I received my three eclipse glasses in the mail yesterday. I want to wear them everywhere. They are safe, like wearing condoms on your eyes. You are guaranteed not to get sun spots. 

Okay, I must now run. I have squandered my morning listening to old rock and roll

"I never really thought that her orgasms were all that beautiful, either." (overheard in restaurant)