Wednesday, July 5, 2017

... and a few romantic notions

It just dawned on me that I will be parenting my son in close proximity to my brother while he parents his sons. Something about that makes me giggle a bit. We'll see, this trip might be fun in ways other than the obvious. Sometimes I relish being the younger brother more than I should. I hope he has a legitimate freakout at some point, a real parental meltdown. I want tears, remorse. 

Well no, but somehow in another dimension - yes, of course. 

An underwater camera just arrived at my place. Don't worry, I did not employ my normally excessive purchase lust when ordering this one. It is a moderately priced device that will be easy enough for kids to use, nothing more. I'll experiment with it today in the pool with the boy, possibly return it tomorrow and spend three times as much by dinnertime. I'll end up with one too complicated for kids to want to use. 

We'll see. 

It takes performance and a few intangible romantic notions for me to return a sense of gratitude towards something like a camera. With so many things that I can afford I am left mildly disappointed.   I'll never be happy as I once was with my little cheap camera, walking the streets on New York with a new eye for composition. 

Be wary of people with standards, they can eat you up with the petty particulars of their obsession. The seriousness of a given interest can be crippling; death by many details.