Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Lake of Locusts

(Birthday party went well)

The only reason people come to Sonoma is to drink, it seems from the inside. Some people, I assume, must come to Sonoma to crawl closer to God. They want to fight their guy's sworn enemy on his own turf. Meet him face to face, if you will. 

I'm not sure if it's a great place for spiritual battles of that or any other sort, but it does offer some great backdrops for the battle scenes, particularly if spiritual battles are mainly surface to air confrontations with a lot of surprise counter flanking. 

The land itself is a metaphor, though everywhere feels that way. It's something that has out-streteched itself, a bit, especially the wide open parts. There seems to be only one possible use to ever pointing out such a thing - to see it again. 

A friend just texted. He is not here to find God, I do not believe. He is at Gloria Ferrer with friends and drinking champagne. We will meet for lunch soon, I believe. I will try to be quiet about the framing and composition ideas I have for the nighttime fight scenes over the vineyards. It makes no sense - there is a limit to what listeners of unexpected conflict can be expected to endure. 

Though, if it were to me, I'd have the dragons up in the skies doing their skirmishing and clashing.