Thursday, July 9, 2015

"Birds flyin' high…."

When it is not the runaway thoughts then it is the dreams, and the uneasy dreaming.

Another restless night, another X on the calendar, one more cup of coffee.

I await for the boy to wake up; the light of my morning. He really is a tremendously sweet kid. He and I have fallen in love with swimming in the pool after school and work. I go pick him up and we can hardly contain ourselves, knowing what a joy is a cool pool in the summer. I stand in the center and he jumps towards me with arms outstretched, bursting with the triumph of leaping. Few things make me as happy as his unselfconscious laughter.

All that we lack is a puppy. The roads ahead would then be paved with giggles.

This weekend we go sailing, a few hours touring the SF Bay on a catamaran. Also, we will go to the camping store and get some stuff to help round out the experience for us. It is becoming easier to parent the boy, in degrees, though I know that this age disappears quickly, never to return. Things might not always be so easy... It is both hard to believe and somehow impossible to deny.

Well, I just bought an air mattress for the tent, one that fits in the tent more sensibly and will accommodate two people. It will be here by Saturday, which makes it possible for us to camp out Saturday night. Now, we will go to get sleeping bags. One needs special, insulated fabrics to love nature well.

Perhaps I was a bit too harsh with my criticisms of Nina Simone yesterday (in the comments section). Though it's true that I have never cared much for her. She sounds like a man. She strives for a stylism that she often fails to achieve. It gets annoying after 30 seconds or so. It doesn't seem to bother others the way that it does me. Though, there is this album, which I like even though it seems to highlight the very things that I like about her least.

She strives for a stylism that she often fails to achieve.

Maybe that's what bothers me; the echoes that remind.