Wednesday, July 8, 2015

You know how I feel….

It's a new dawn, a new day



  1. I haven't clicked on the music ... is he singing Feeling Good? Cause I just listened to the Nina version. Shit.

    Hey. The Dead. Yup.

  2. No, the video has nothing to do with Nina Simone. I have very little to do with Nina Simone. I've never cared for her. I think she sounds like a man. The song's intro ("Feeling Good") though, was heavily sampled in the house music world, where it had a much better life.

    Yes, The Dead. They are really something.

  3. You look like a fucking proctologist. And Nina Simone is wonderful.

  4. Yes, it's no surprise that you like her, Elton John does also.


  5. Brothers separated at birth.

    I'm heading to NYC to see U2 next weekend with my 30 year old niece (I know, CS too old for you but she is quite gorgeous, Sean. :) ).

    Bring on the hate, I can take it. I'm a music whore and always have been.

  6. Hold on--YOU were the one that grew up with the Elton John posters in your room, and I definitely remember that you used to sample him all the time for your DJ gigs.

    Lisa, as always, send pics.