Friday, July 17, 2015

Set Tinder on Stun…. Range: 25 miles

I have a date. 

I met a woman tonight through Tinder. She's the first person, so far, that I was able to have a normal conversation with. All texting, but it launched as naturally as if we were conversing face to face. We traded phone numbers and some personal details. And she's super cute! I'm like a little Dutch schoolgirl. I'll buy some new underwear this weekend, throw out some old ones. I've been writing her name on my spiral notebook and circling it with Valentine hearts and arrows, appending my last name to her first, etc.

I want to write her a note, in my best cursive:

I like you. Do you like me? (Please check one)

_ Yes 
_ Maybe

I'm a little bit giddy. I feel as if I've had a glass of champagne. 

I was supposed to have a date tonight, north of Napa in St.Helena, though I was incurious about my counterpart, and relieved when my son's mother texted letting me know that her flight home was delayed. I would need to pick up the boy. It gave me an easy way to cancel. The kid and I celebrated by going swimming.

Though... with this new interest, I was ready to drive to her tonight. She is not so very far away. That is how the app works. It is based on preference and proximity. It's simple math. 

I prefer her and she is near. 
Soon enough, I will be there.

Life is just magic awaiting a spell, a swiping incantation, a meeting across the dark.