Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nothing, nothing more

An endless day of traveling yesterday. I arrived home at 3am PST, awoke for the day at 3am PST the day before to start my day. I upgraded to first class on the flight from Chicago to SF and tried to sleep but couldn't get comfortable. My head is too large to ever relax. If it falls to one side my primal mind believes that I am being choked. In a way, I am.

I arrived to get the boy to start our weekend but he did not want to leave mom's house. It's difficult, the feeling that he is being taken from one parent, especially from mommy. It's easier when one of us picks him up from school. The transition is more natural, less an act of separation.

So, now we require an adventure of some kind. I'll lure him to the store with promises of shopping for pool toys. Then, a day at the swimming pool. 

Nothing, nothing more.