Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Morning came and morning went"

I finally got around to using the hotel's amenities last night; gym, swimming, hot tub, etc. I slept for seven undisturbed hours afterwards. Now I am hesitant to get out of bed. I am just working here from the lap of luxury, propped up against pillows, craving coffee. I will motivate and take a shower and make the short walk to the office here momentarily.

At the gym I only did cardio. It had been a while. The sweat that came from my body was the good stuff, the stuff that you're happy to be purging. I have had to take a break from exercising and am ready to get back into some physicality of some type. Something, anything.

So, when I did a search for Madison yesterday for some reason Google showed me Madison, IN. This happened even though I was searching the word "Madison" and my IP should have reflected that I was in fact in the city of Madison, WI. Might have been the VPN. Who knows.

I have resolved all of my time-traveling dilemmas for the time being. Now, my crises appear to be more informational in nature. 

I have had to cancel my camping trip in August. It is unfortunate, but there is nothing that can be done. Perhaps I will just take a local trip. Maybe the boy is ready, nearing his summer long pre-training cycle, camping in the backyard. Perhaps he is ready to do an overnight tent excursion.

Okay, I have nothing to say, clearly. This post is going nowhere

(Do not do this!)

I don't care 
How many letters they sent
Morning came and morning went
Pick up your money and pack up your tent
You 'aint going nowhere….