Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blue days, all of them gone….

(Skies, smilin' at me)

 I swear I did not use Tinder:

Just like this, and just like that... everything changes. While I was looking the other way a tremendously sweet girl landed in my lap, all full of giggles, sugar, and soft whispers. It looks as if she is here to stay, and I say that before she has even fully arrived. She comes from a great but not terrible distance in less than two weeks, as eager as. 

We'll also see each other at Burning Man. If it can last through that then it was meant to be.

The wolves will be howling with us.

She is an eccentric like me, though we somehow seem to offset each other gently. We even share a common name. Do you see how much we already have for each other? It was kismet, we agree, and she and I charmed Turks.

I would post a picture here, but I'll wait until I have one that I've taken. It is a form of black magic in which I steal a piece of her soul. She seems eager enough to oblige. We also share a matched intensity to give, to talk, to etc. and etc.

I enjoy her in exciting ways. She is the reason I haven't been able to write lately, and the one that I haven't been able to write about. Now she is both object and subject.

Check back here periodically, if you wish.

That is, if you can stomach a grown man, giddy with the tickle of having just discovered the seeds of love.