Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Please secure your own mask before assisting others

On the night when I need normalcy in sleep the most, before driving into the city, my mind races and I became anxious, turning and flipping underneath the covers. Sweating, then having my legs become chilled when they are out from underneath the covers. Five hours of sleep will have to do for a very long day.

Still, I awoke before my alarm clock.

A friend has invited me to stay in the city for dinner tonight. I am tempted but uncertain. Staying involves additional fatigue. Just the thought of not sleeping in my own bed makes me shudder a bit.

Things have progressed between Rachel and I, or should I say digressed? With either description, we are moving as fast as we can towards completing our separation. There is a sudden enthusiasm driving all of our actions. I preminisced no return to the salad days. We will move on with our lives in some form or another. Separated, yet bound.

I am now available on the open sex-trade market. My most recent profile pic can be found above and below. I merely need to photoshop some flowers in the left hand.

Tired of waiting, tired of uncertainty, tired of floating in the vacuum of love.... Try a canvas love mask. 

It's the best way to preserve whatever's left.