Sunday, June 9, 2013


A fresh haircut at Floyd's on the PCH. A bicycle ride to the beach. Oysters, Salmon and good beer at the Fish Bar in Manhattan Beach, watching college baseball. A long ride along the legendary beachfront properties through Hermosa and down to Redondo. Watching the California girls rollerblade and play volleyball and wear flip-flops. More beer. A fresh sea urchin (uni), eaten at the disgust of many old rockers that frequent Naja'a rock and roll bar. A seat at the bar, less sports, more music, more beer. Met up with an old friend, then my buddy's wife arrived. Buffalo style chicken wings, much chat, punctuated by the bombast of cover tunes. They even played Hotel California...

That was our cue to ride home. The sun had begun its retreat.

It started out well. It finished with his wife picking us up in the car. My friend had landed in a bush rounding one corner. It wasn't even really a corner. It was more of a curve. 

Did you see that fucking bush? It came outta' nowhere....